Parent Player Handbook

Conquest Elite VBC

Table of Contents

I Executive Board

II Tryouts  

III Club Dues & Other fees  

IV The Multi-Sport Athlete  

V Team Parents  

VI Practices  

VII Tournaments  

VIII Officiating Duties  

IX General Conduct & Expectations  

X Grievance Procedure  

XI Multi Day Tournaments  



I – Executive Board

Club Director – Dawei Lin

Assistant Director – Reynaldo Ferreira

Social Media Director – Janna Huang


II – Tryouts 

Players are evaluated for skill execution as well as athletic capabilities and potential. We select players for teams based on; Athletic ability, athletic potential, work ethic, drive, willingness to be coached, competitive attitude, and skill ability.

The number of teams and players will be determined after tryouts.  Notification of team selections will be posted on our website within 48 hours of the tryouts. 

It is our goal to have players competing for positions on their team constantly and to have our players working their hardest and competing amicably for their position.

The completed USAV Membership Registration Form (GEVA Region), the completed Medical Release Form and the tryout fee must be submitted before beginning their first tryout.  Please make sure that all forms are signed by a parent or legal guardian. 

For new USAV membership click   here 

For existing USAV membership renewal click    here

For the medical release form click    here

Tryout fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and not applicable to club dues. Players with an account balance from previous Conquest Elite programs may not be permitted to tryout or participate in the following club season until their accounts are paid in full.

We will strive to keep all rosters at 10-12 players, however, there may be rare times where the number will be less or more. The placement and number of players on a team is the decision of the club.  Occasionally we may move a player from one team to another. Movement is at the sole discretion of the Director. We will not move a player to or from another team without first discussing the move with the player and parents.

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 III – Club Dues & Other Fees 

Club dues cover the following: practice facility fees, coaching fees, registration fees, equipment fees, administrative expenses, all local 1 day tournament entry fees, multi-day tournament entry fees, and multi-day tournament hotel fees. Club dues do not include food at tournaments, transportation to and from tournaments or any additional expenses for teams that qualify for the Girl’s Junior National Championships, (Teams may qualify by winning a National Qualifier)

All payments for club dues, travel, or other items can be made in person with the coaches or the Club Director.  Payments can also be made online.

An athlete whose account becomes delinquent during the current season may be denied the privilege of playing in a tournament and/or asked to sit out a practice until the account is paid or arrangements are made with the Account Manager / Club Director. 

All players are expected to have a ZERO balance by the end of the season (even if they quit before the end of the season). There will be an initial payment due in November followed by 6 additional payments due the 1st week of each month there after starting in December with the last payment due the first week of May. Failure to fulfill your financial obligations will result in permanent suspension from future GEVA seasons with Conquest Elite VBC or any other GEVA affiliated club until all obligations are met with Conquest Elite VBC.

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 IV – The Multi-Sport Athlete 

We do not discourage our players from participating in another sport during our season, however every player needs to be aware of her limitations in order to stay strong and injury free. We expect our players to attend all Conquest Elite practices, unless there is a scheduled competition for the other sport at the same time as the Conquest Elite practice. If a game for a school related sport conflicts with a Conquest Elite practice the player may be excused from the Conquest Elite practice provided the coach is informed in advance. If a Conquest Elite tournament conflicts with any other sport competition the coach, the player, and the player’s parent will decide which event should take priority on a case by case basis. The entire team will be affected greatly if one of their teammates is consistently absent from practice or is not able to attend a tournament.

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V – Team Parents 

It is recommended that each team have a Team Parent for the duration of the season.  They can be either a parent or a legal guardian.  Responsibilities may include the following; Serve as the primary contact for team communications between parents and coaches, coordinate and provide rides for players to tournaments and during tournaments, coordinate collection of food and water money, and coordinate tournament snacks and meals.

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VI – Practices 

Team Practices begin the last week of November.  Practice schedules and locations for each team will be posted on our website ( While practice is being held coaching suggestions made from spectators will not be welcomed. The coaches have the authority to ask anyone to leave who is disruptive to the progress of the practice session.

Scheduled practice time is start time. We expect our players to arrive early enough to be dressed and completely ready for practice before your practice is scheduled to begin. If you’re not early, you’re LATE!

Cell phones should remain in the player’s bag during practice.

All players are expected to attend every practice.  If a player misses an excessive number of practices, her playing time may decrease.

If a player is consistently late arriving to practice the coach, at his or her sole discretion, will determine if any corrective action needs to be taken.

If a player cannot be at practice, she must contact the coach or the assistant coach. It is the player’s responsibility (not the parent’s) to inform their coaches before practice starts. The player should contact the coach or the assistant coach directly.

Injured players who are able to attend school are encouraged to attend practice when possible.  Although they are unable to physically participate in practice the player is encouraged to support their teammates.  Additionally, watching practice from a spectator view can provide a   significant learning experience from a different perspective.

At Conquest we are committed to helping our players find playing opportunities at the college level. We provide players with many ideas and means to get noticed by college coaches. We will strive to provide a training environment that prepares our players for their next level!

 Parents can help their high school age athlete by assisting them in emailing college coaches of schools they may be interested in. Include a copy of the team’s tournament schedule inviting the coach to see her play. Note: When recruiting players, college coaches are not concerned with the score of the game or even the success of the team as much as how the athlete performs and responds during competition, and especially, adversity.


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VII – Tournaments 

During tournaments proper demeanor is expected of all members of the Club including players, parents and supporters at all times. This includes but is not limited to treating members of the officiating crew and members of other clubs with respect.

Our club image and reputation is PARAMOUNT! 

We ask that when traveling as a team and entering playing sites, all girls are dressed wearing their Conquest apparel.   

Uniforms must be kept clean, especially kneepads, socks and shoes. WASH KNEE PADS ESPECIALLY. No jewelry may be worn once the player arrives at the playing site.

Transportation for the team to and from in-state tournaments will be provided by parents; Team Parents should coordinate this effort.

Teams are encouraged to support other teams in our Club during tournaments when time permits.  

All players are expected to attend every tournament.  If a player cannot be at a tournament, she must inform the coach via email, text message or phone call as soon as she knows she will be absent.

During tournaments parents may not step on the volleyball court unless they are a registered member of GEVA. We encourage parents to register so that they can assist with “shagging” balls at tournaments, as well as attend our Official’s Clinic to assist the coaches when officiating at tournaments.


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VIII – Officiating Duties 

Officiating is the shared responsibility of the team. All athletes are required to help with line judging, score keeping, score flipping and officiating. Except in cases of true emergency, athletes on a team may not leave a tournament before the team’s assignment is completed and they have been excused by their coach.

All Conquest athletes will be required to complete our Official’s online Clinic; more information will follow. Athletes are responsible for passing all requirements to become Certified Officials (R1 & R2) and Certified Scorekeepers. Parents are also welcome to attend.

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 IX – General Conduct & Expectations 

Our players are ambassadors of the Conquest Elite Volleyball Club. We expect all players to display good sportsmanship and behavior both on and off the court. Players are to treat their teammates, coaches, parents and competitors with respect at all times. Foul language will never be allowed or tolerated.


1st offense – Warning OR Suspension from the next game or practice depending on the severity of the offense.

2nd offense – Suspension from the next day of competition or week of practice.

3rd offense – Non Refundable dismissal from the club.


Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes and Vapes will not be permitted at any time inside or outside of the practice facility during practice nor will they be allowed inside or outside of the tournament venues including the hotels.  Failure to comply with this rule may result in immediate non-refundable suspension for the remainder of the club season   


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 X – Grievance Procedure 

At Conquest Elite we encourage the athlete to talk with their coach when they have a problem about playing time or if they are unclear about what the coach expects from them either in practice or in competition. The appropriate approach for the player may be to ask the coach what they can do to improve their situation. Parents can best help their athlete by helping them set some goals to achieve throughout the course of the season.

When parents have a problem that is specific to their own daughter we encourage them to first talk to the coach, however please note that we do not require our coaches to discuss coaching decisions such as substitutions, position play, playing time, etc.  The coach will not be required to defend his/her thought process or decisions especially during tournaments. 

Our coaches are instructed to not discuss any players with a parent other than their own.  If you have an issue concerning another player other than your own you are encouraged to approach the club director with the matter.  Please note again that “coaching decisions” are not concerns to address with the club director.

The proper grievance procedure should be as follows;

  1. The athlete should speak to or meet with the coach about the matter.

If the matter is not resolved,

  1. The parent should speak with the coach to discuss the matter. The parent is encouraged to contact the coach to set up a meeting. In non-emergency situations meetings will not take place during a tournament. If a parent approaches a coach in a non-emergency situation during a tournament we have instructed the coach to not discuss the matter and to refer the parent to our Director.

If the matter is still not resolved,

  1. The Coach may arrange a meeting with the parent, the player and the Director. Meetings should be previously arranged, not at a tournament, but rather before or after a practice.

The Coaches, Director and other employees of Conquest Elite will not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, a parent and any coach, a parent and any athlete, or a parent and any other parent.  Violation of this policy may result in the athlete being dismissed from Conquest Elite.  In such an extreme case no refund will be given and no player releases will be signed.

Any member who is approached and asked to listen to or express an opinion about a matter between two other parties in the Club is strongly encouraged to refer the Complaining party to take the matter up with either the coach in question, the Head Coach and/or the Directors.

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 XI – Multi Day Tournaments

Airfare and ground transportation for out-of-state tournaments will not be included in the club dues.

All parents will be provided with directions and hotel information for each tournament. Typically, coaches will not have the exact tournament details (playing times, sites, etc.) until the week of the tournament. The coaches will contact their parents to let them know this info by morning, so that the team may plan when they are waking, eating, etc.

When traveling out of State to multi day tournaments the teams will usually arrive the evening prior to the tournament start.

We want all players to have a fun, enjoyable and safe volleyball experience. However, we will be traveling in large groups and it will be necessary for the players to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner (no excessive yelling, running, etc.)

Players are not allowed in a coach’s hotel room unless there is an issue that needs to be addressed AND another female coach, the player’s parent or the team parent is also present OR there is a team meeting with all players in attendance.

If you commit to providing a player with a ride to a tournament or a practice and then are unable to do so, please notify them as far in advance as possible.

In the event of an emergency during the tournament please contact any of our staff members so we can put you in contact with your daughter.

During a tournament any display of poor sportsmanship or misconduct will be dealt with swiftly.  Depending on the severity of the misconduct a parent or legal guardian may be contacted and requested to take their daughter home at their own expense. 

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